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Our Active Dogs
Please click on each picture to see a larger version of the picture.

Queenie.jpg (9449 bytes)
LC's Queen B aka Queenie

Reba on Point.jpg (59986 bytes)
Gamble's Ramblin

Comet.jpg (7641 bytes)
Dogwood's Speeding Comet
Dasher.jpg (7322 bytes)
Dogwood's Dashing Gambler
Lewis on Point.jpg (79953 bytes)
Dogwoods Liver Legged Lewis
Lola2.jpg (6934 bytes)
Dogwoods What Lola Wants Lola Gets
Jazz.jpg (6934 bytes)
Mimi.jpg (6934 bytes)
Dogwood's Mimi's Our Anchor
Vixen.jpg (6934 bytes)
Dogwoods Masked Vixen
hazel.jpg (6934 bytes)
Pioneers Willy
Bingo.jpg (6934 bytes)
Dogwoods Bingo Bango
Pearl.jpg (6934 bytes)
Dogwoods Birdy Girl Pearl

Our Retired Dogs
Please click on each picture to see a larger version of the picture.

roxie.jpg (9449 bytes)
Dogwoods Rocking Roxie

mickey.jpg (11777 bytes)
Ashleys Mickey Mouse Hunter
hazel.jpg (6934 bytes)
Pioneers Miss Ashley
Luna.jpg (8577 bytes)
Dogwoods Abby aka Luna
george.jpg (8577 bytes)
Dogwoods Curious George JH
Holly.jpg (6934 bytes)
Dogwoods Holly Jolly Hunter

>hazel.jpg (6934 bytes)
Ashleys Chocolate Hazelnut

herman.jpg (7322 bytes)
Windcharm's Jack Tanner
claudia.jpg (7322 bytes)
Rainey Rivers Claudia
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